Educational Programs

MPIPP is available to offer educational programs and workshops to various community organizations throughout Michigan at no charge.  These workshops are interactive and are based on what we have learned from social science research in how to reduce prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people and offer support to them and their allies.

We ask that sponsoring organizations provide local meeting space, refreshments (if needed), and publicize the local event.  MPIPP needs at least a six-week lead time to prepare for the workshop.  We will also announce your sponsored workshop on our website and Facebook page.

The current programs are described in the flyer below. Are you interested in a topic not listed here? Or just a question you think might be answered in the research? We might already have something for you, and we would like to hear from you.  Go to CONTACT US to send an email.

Current program descriptions (PDF).


KUP conversations are about telling personal stories about what it has been like to experience discrimination, bias, prejudice, or hate crimes.  As individuals become sensitized to the mental health consequences of discrimination and stigma, research tells us that they are more likely to actively support public policy regarding equality for LGBT people.  MPIPP offers this workshop to help LGBT people and allies learn how to have effective KUP conversations to build public support for LGBT equality… one conversation at a time.   To learn more about KUP, please go to our webpage:

Previous Collaborative Workshops

4/17/13:   LGBTQ…you might be an ally, too! Using social science research to reduce prejudice against LGBTQ people of color and advance inclusion and equality.?  For Delta College’s PRISM Alliance

3/09/13:   LGBTQ students: What we are learning about risk, resiliency, and effective support strategies for educators.  With Dr. Ellen Keyt, for Michigan Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Education Conference

2/10/13: LGBTQ…you might be an ally, too! Using social science research to reduce prejudice against LGBTQ people of color and advance inclusion and equality. ?For MBLGTACC 2013

1/09/2013: Advocacy on the couch: Confronting psychology’s ambivalence about public policy advocacy.  For Wayne State University’s Psychology Department

11/30/2012:  Clinical Issues and Sexual Orientation – A training for Therapists. Sponsored by Affirmations in Ferndale.

5/18/12: Town Hall meeting on Ethical Practice and Advocacy.  For Eastern Michigan University’s  Psychology Department

9/17/2011: Introduction to the KNOW US PROJECT ™.  For the Michigan Fairness Forum held in Mt. Pleasant.