LGBT Parents

Lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people often become parents.  Research shows that LGBT people are as capable of being good parents as heterosexual parents and that children who have two loving LGBT parents are as well adjusted as those with two loving heterosexual parents.  Research looks at the impact of stigma on families headed by LGBT parents and how children generally learn to cope and become resilient in the process.  


MPIPP has developed this fact sheet about gay and lesbian parenting. MPIPP fact sheets generally contain key points of representative research that is cited on the second page.



Shown here are examples of research and reports or surveys that address parenting by same-sex couples.  Generally, the issues addressed in research are about the fitness of lesbians and gays as parents and the impact of their sexual orientation (and any subsequent social stigma) on their children.  Second-parent adoption is also discussed in some of the research. The research shown is generally representative of a larger body of peer-reviewed research.  Please note that not all individuals or families are affected in the same way. Also, most of the reports shown here also have extensive bibliographical references that can be reviewed for a more complete analysis of this topic.


This list of resources and organizations (in no particular order) is designed to enable our website readers to find other information on the topic being described. Many of the organizations listed here also have resource guides and information available on this topic. MPIPP does not recommend nor endorse organizations by providing helpful links nor can we list programs or projects of political parties. If you are aware of other resources and links that are non-partisan and appropriate, please use the “contact us” page to send the link for consideration.

  • Lesbian and Gay Parenting, prepared by the American Psychological Association (APA).  A copy of this booklet, including legal organizations and family support organizations, is available online from the APA at:
  • All Children Matter:  How Legal and Social Inequalities Hurt Children.  This is a series of publications by the Movement Advancement Project that cover different aspects of children with LGBT parents, ranging from foster parenting to adoption to health care and more.  A complete discussion of topics is available online at:
  • COLAGE – Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere.  This is a national supportive and nurturing network for people who have a gay, lesbian, or queer parent.  See:
  • Family Equality Council.  This is a national organization working to ensure that all families, especially those with LGBT parents, are respected.  Be sure to check out their Parent Resources.  See:

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